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I love quilts but since my day job involves long hours of sitting working on something that takes years to complete, quilting is not the right hobby for me. But every year when I visit community fairs and exhibitions, I seek out the quilt displays and marvel at the splash of colourful designs and the astounding workmanship.


Last week, I stopped in at Steinbach’s quilt shop, Drive 2 Sew, located behind Fay’s Fabric Shop on Main Street.  I met with co-owner of the shop, Sherri Parent, who has set up a corner where Manitoba authors can display their books. Local authors include: Marianne Curtis, Casia Schreyer, Alyssa Thiessen, Gabrielle Goldstone and more.


Sherri’s shop has been open for just over three years. They hold quilting classes and will make custom quilts for people who don’t have the time (like me) or skills (me, again) to make their own. This is their “long arm” which does all the machine quilting.


“This is my nine to five,” Sherri said, pleased that she is able to do what she loves and make a living at it. She has been quilting for 11 years and made this quilt. Had it been a Shih Tzu instead of a Beagle, I probably would have made her an offer. I love my Shih Tzu, almost as much as I love quilts.


I had to ask what these are. Turns out they are custom made pin cushions—a far cry from the stuffed, crunchy,  cotton tomato-thingy of my youth. Remember those?


Sherry says that each year a group of quilt and sewing shops get together and give away a collective item, encouraging quilters to “hop from shop to shop” to take advantage of each shop’s special offers during a two week period in the fall. This year, Sherry’s gift with purchase is a package of English Paper Piecing Hexies by Ormkraft. Quilters are encouraged to come out to “Shop Hop” which is on now until October 15th.





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