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As a teenager, I spent most Sunday afternoons in the kitchen with my Mother. We’d bake, drink tea, do dishes, eat lunch and argue our way through the afternoon. Mom loved to banter and one of her sayings was: “How can I miss you if you won’t go away?”

I moved to Manitoba as a young bride and in 1985, Ashern became my town. After I sold my printing business in 1997 and stopped reporting for the Interlake Spectator, the daily trips to Ashern stopped and my work shifted south. I lost track of what was going on in town and everyone who lives there. Now my home is in Grunthal. I enjoy the convenience of living in southern Manitoba, but there is a part of me that will always love the north—and long for the people, who as my Mother would say—I didn’t miss until I moved away.


I like stepping into the past and always enjoyed reporting on this event hosted by the Ashern Museum. On Sunday it felt good to be “home” again.


This is how it was done in the “olden days.”


The Yunist Dance Ensemble from Winnipeg entertained.



And so did Billy Dudeck and Dawn from Fraserwood.


It was “Happy Grandparents Day” and I was lucky to spend some time with Edrick who brought his parents, Dayna and Laurie, to the museum grounds for a few hours.


It was a great day signing books and visiting with old friends, former neighbours, family and readers like Vernette from McFinns Acres in Poplarfield. Thanks to the Ashern Museum Committee for including me in your event and to Rhonda Basaraba for taking these photos.

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