You could win a Vínarterta


Anyone who has ever tried to make a vínarterta knows how difficult it is. Rolling those layers paper thin and then baking them to perfection; reducing the prune filling  just the right amount so that it is moist enough to soak into the layers without making them soggy. There is an ongoing debate about whether or not to add cardamom and a layer of icing on top. Who gets it right the first time? I sure didn’t. Five tries at least, and I still struggle.

That’s why I thought it is the perfect prize for a contest. A vínarterta in exchange for an online review of “Be Still the Water.” Each review posted between now and October 31st gives you a chance to win. All you have to do is write a few lines about my novel, post it on Facebook, Goodreads,, or Chapters Indigo and you are entered to win a fabulous, Icelandic celebratory cake, made by a bonafide Icelandic baker with decades of experience. The more sites you post on, the better your chances of winning as your name will be entered with each review. It can even be the same review! All you need to do is tag me in your Facebook post or, if you choose not to include your last name on your online review, fire off a quick email to let me know you’ve posted. It’s that simple.

I’ll even sweeten the deal.

All names will be placed in a jar and the draw will be made November 2nd. Two names will be chosen. The first drawn will have the choice to receive the vínarterta OR a signed, personalized copy of “Be Still the Water” sent by mail to a person of their choice (a great Christmas gift idea). The second person drawn will receive whichever the first person doesn’t choose. A nice prize either way.

And you’ll be helping me out. That online world is vast and the number of books to choose from is enormous. Books without reader reviews don’t get picked, so by posting a few lines about what you liked about the story will really help.

Thanks and Good Luck.


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