Where Children Run

Where Children Run
Series: Pischke Twins, Book 1
Genres: Biography, Narrative Non-Fiction
Publisher: Perpetual Books
Publication Year: 1996, 2012
Length: 368 pages
ASIN: 148000815X
ISBN: 9780968124260
The true story of twins David and Dennis Pischke and how they survived twelve years of abuse at the hands of their violent, unstable step-father. A disturbing, heart wrenching first hand account from two men who survived a horrific childhood then went on to become hardworking, upstanding citizens.
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About the Book

Twins David and Dennis Pischke’s lives change forever when heir father dies, and a Polish immigrant damaged by the war arrives at their farm near the isolated town of Moosehorn, Manitoba. Boleslaw Domko quickly works his way into their lives and their mother’s bed.

Where Children Run opens with one of their earliest memories—the day Domko throws their infant stepsister against the wall. In this first-hand account, the twins recall years of neglect, starvation, and enslavement; horrific beatings and candlelit nights spent in the nearby St. Thomas Lutheran Church.  Neighbors intervene, but their efforts provide only temporary relief as the children’s mother—also living in fear—refuses to press charges.

The brothers vow that if they survive, they will someday expose their tormentor and members of their mother’s religious organization who turned a blind-eye to their suffering. This is their story—told with stark honesty and in heart-wrenching detail.

First released in 1996, Where Children Run is a timeless, unforgettable story of survival; and a powerful testament to the strength and adaptability of the human spirit.

“ . . . when we reflect on the lives of David and Dennis, after experiencing with them their twelve-year ordeal, we do not have to mourn because theirs is a story that reminds us that in the midst of the deepest despair, all is still not lost.” – MARIA BELTRAN, Readers’ Favorite

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