Karen Emilson

  • Historical Fiction

    Asta's quest begins in 1906 along
    the shores of Lake Manitoba

  • An emotional, slow-burning story of family love and sacrifice, of secrets revealed and promises broken.

  • ". . . characters like Asta are unforgettable and readers will so naturally feel drawn to her world."
    - DIVINE ZAPE, Readers' Favorite

  • Available in Stores and Online Now!

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Praise for Be Still the Water

  • “With insight and finesse, the author tells a slow but satisfying story that is as engaging as it is devastating.”

    - Kirkus Reviews
  • “Be Still the Water is a simple but beautiful and intricate story about family, a reflection on love, life, tragedy, friendship and death. With its realistic storyline, it has the charm to make any reader wonder whether this is fiction at all, along with its unforgettable characters.”


    - LIT AMRI, Readers’ Favorite
  • “Emilson’s prose deftly exposes the intricacies of familial and romantic love, as complicated relationships flourish throughout.”

    - Kirkus Reviews
  • “I loved the language, the vivid descriptions, the occasional bursts of wisdom, and the compelling characters. Karen Emilson has won my interest in her work and she skillfully establishes herself as an expert in the historical fiction genre.”

    - ARYA FOMONYUY, Readers’ Favorite

  • “ . . . this is not a novel just for the Icelandic ethnic community. The characters come to life, their stories, while ethnic and Canadian, are universal. We follow Asta in her quest to find her sister but we also follow the lives of the many characters who make up the community as they search out both opportunity and love in a new land.”

    - W.D. VALGARDSON, author of The Girl with the Botticelli Face

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Celebrating the Past Twenty Years


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Art that Inspires

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In Search of the Milk Calendar

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